in light of the election; or, articulating values is the first step to acting on them

I believe in taxes. I believe in taxing those more who have more. 

I believe in sharing.  

I believe in making.

I don’t believe in the nuclear family. I believe in the family as one type of communal living. I believe in the necessity of fostering other types of communal living; types of living that enable resource sharing and other benefits of collectivity. 

I don’t believe in nationalism. I believe in society.

I believe in love, sex, and marriage between consenting adults, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender.

I don’t believe that deregulation, privatization, and the free market are an expression, or the equivalent of, individual freedom. Nor do I believe that they are the road to individual freedom.

I don’t believe in notions of freedom that come at the cost of others’ freedom. I believe in freedom as a radical feeling, an emotion, a mental state.

I believe democracy necessitates a constant balancing act of individual freedom vs. the greater good.

I believe in a society that listens to the mad man.

I believe in a government that recognizes the competencies of universities and art. I believe in a government that invests in these constituencies as a way of being questioned and challenged. I believe in a government that regards these dynamics as democratic essentials.

I don’t believe in fear. I believe in radical vulnerability. 

I don’t believe in violence. I believe in love and understanding; I believe in negotiation and compromise.

I don’t believe in “Canadians.” I believe in the people.

I believe in we and us.

I believe in a society that rejects disadvantaging its members. I believe in an inclusive, open, helpful society. I believe in the protection of minorities, of vulnerable people.

I believe in searching.

I believe in the importance of an honest, rigorous, analytical, and critical engagement with history. I believe in the identification and recognition of past and current crimes, and in working through them. I believe in national memory and active remembering.

I believe in freedom of culture and religion.

I believe in equal rights for all Canadian citizens.

I believe in clean air. I believe in the protection of that which enables us to live. I believe in protecting the environment.

I don’t believe in wielding power over others. I believe in respectful, dignified, intelligent messaging. I believe in transparent governance as a primary necessity of democracy.

I believe in fair elections, not unfair ones.

I believe in reforming the Canadian electoral system.

I believe in making noise in the streets. I believe in voicing what you, I, and we believe in.

I believe in a society that invests in the future. I believe in education. I believe in science. I believe in liberal arts.

I believe in equality between all genders and races.

I don’t believe in class. I believe in tact.

I believe in social security for everyone. I believe in universal healthcare and the protection of workers.

I believe in consciousness, conscience, and contemplation. I don’t believe in Rob Ford.

I believe in the importance of utopia. I believe in the necessity of utopia.

I believe that political systems, democracy, and economics exist on a spectrum. I believe this election is a great opportunity. I believe in supporting the party that most closely aligns with what I believe in, to move closer to the end of the spectrum where my values live.


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