More Democracy for Parliament Hill: Send your Art to the House of Commons


12 days, lots of tweets and shares, over 300 signatures, and a couple thousands clicks later, we remain invisible. Our politicians have had official versions of our open letter for a week and there has been absolutely no response. Not a single word. 

Yeah, words. I see a lot of those these days. So many comments, replies, replies to comments, promises, pleas, excuses, and generally, so many words everywhere. Oh and images. Yes, we use a lot of words talking about images these days. 

Words are good. Images are good. Discussions are fine, and so is debate. But I fear that words and images are beginning to paralyze us. We must not mistake words for actions. Because they are not: comments, replies, likes, promises, and pleas are not ends in themselves — they are means. These days, words need to lead to ACTION. 

What is the difference between having to contend with 1000 likes on Facebook versus a mountain of artworks? Let’s find out: 


Facebook event:


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