You’ve been invaluable. – Janet Wright

I’m a dramaturg, performance maker, and writer.

My projects are vastly diverse in type, genre and style. Please click on the sections below to find out more about what I do, and visit my Artistic Portfolio to learn more about my work. 

I’m always open to take on new, interesting projects. Should you have an idea you’d like to discuss, please get in touch at fanninawdp(at)gmail.com or via my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you! 


Teaching adults and children is a passion of mine. I have the following qualifications and experience: I’m a certified teacher of English as a Second Language (TESL, UBC 2010) I’m a certified Teaching Assistant (UBC, 2012) and have taught two

Dramaturgy in Theatre | Dance | Performance

Many thanks for your insights, intelligence, skill, and patience. It was wonderful & reassuring to have you as part of the show. – Bill Richardson My artistic experience is vastly diverse, ranging from contemporary plays to classics and adaptations, to durational


You are as many people as you speak languages. — Unknown I’m a German native speaker, and after living in western Canada for almost all of my twenties, I also speak English fluently. While I already have considerable experience translating

Arts Administration

I’m an experienced arts administrator and can do the following for you: I’m an experienced grant writer. I can help you with: finding the grants and funding you need writing institutional grants (government and private) writing individual grants for artists


I write performances, articles, blog posts, letters, emails, reports, translations, speeches, applications, web content, text messages, calendar entries, lectures, and anything else — all of which are informed by the vast storehouse of theory and fiction I read regularly. You can read examples

Digital Dramaturgy

A clear and thorough online presence is key for individuals and organizations. It not only helps build and maintain networks, but also comprises a crucial component of our professions, lives, and identities. Digital presence is a performance. The structure and clarity