Dramaturgy in Theatre | Dance | Performance

I’m available to join your projects doing the following (in English and/or German):  

  • production dramaturgy:
    • research, conceptual support, rehearsal feedback, etc.
  • new play/creation/performance dramaturgy:
    • creative collaboration, conceptual support, script reading and editing, facilitation, mediation
    •  in developmental dramaturgy, my focus is always twofold:
      • it’s about the work that’s on the table or in the room
      • developing the writer or creator(s) is just as important as developing the work
      • especially during longer relationships, my focus is on developing the artist, not just the work.
  • workshops and readings:
    • organizer, facilitator, research, conceptual and writing support
    • whether we meet for a few hours, a couple of days, weeks, or months, my focus will always be to not just develop the work, but the creator, too. My goal is to help the creator(s) develop herself.
  • script reading:
    • I will read your scripts and provide in-depth feedback, either in writing, by phone, or in person.