You are as many people as you speak languages. — Unknown

I’m a German native speaker, and after living in western Canada for almost all of my twenties, I also speak English — both the language and culture — completely fluently. While I already have considerable experience translating and editing academic articles, I’m now looking to expand into the creative sector, particularly with regards to two components: 

1. As somewhat of a “cultural chameleon,” translation and adaptation in the theatre are areas of great artistic interest to me. To what extent is translation an act of role playing? Are literal translations possible? Where does translation end and adaptation begin? To what extent is translation an act of cultural adaptation or appropriation? To what extent do we take on different roles and identities when we speak a different language? I’m happy to discuss any projects or ideas related to questions of theatre, translation, and adaptation.

2. A fruitful cultural exchange between Canada and Germany is one of my greatest goals; thus, making scripts, articles, and other forms of writing about theatre widely available through translation is one of my highest priorities. If you have documents that you’d like translated into German or English, please contact me. 

I can be reached at fanninawdp(at) or via my contact page.