Dramaturgy in Theatre | Dance | Performance

Many thanks for your insights, intelligence, skill, and patience. It was wonderful & reassuring to have you as part of the show. – Bill Richardson

My artistic experience is vastly diverse, ranging from contemporary plays to classics and adaptations, to durational performance and musicals, to interdisciplinary performance, live installations, and more. I am currently particularly interested in adaptation and interdisciplinarity, in intersections of theatre/performance/contemporary culture/digital media, and in new forms and new stages.

As a dramaturg in new creation, my focus is not just on developing the work, but also always on the development of the creator/writer. The ultimate goal is to guide the creator in her process of developing herself through the development of her work.

As production dramaturg, I collaborate closely with the director, supporting her conceptual work through discussions, feedback, research, and suggestions. My approaches combine theory and praxis, and are based on providing inspiration: my goal is to help grow ideas that ultimately connect to create a production concept that combines form and content in a single gestalt.

My practice is always based on trusting the artist, on listening and speaking, on observing and intervening, on humour and earnestness, and on warmth and honesty.

 I’m available to join your projects doing the following (in English or German):  

  • production dramaturgy:
    • research, conceptual support, rehearsal feedback, etc.
  • new play/creation/performance dramaturgy:
    • creative collaboration, conceptual support, script reading and editing, facilitation, mediation
    •  in developmental dramaturgy, my focus is always twofold:
      • it’s about the work that’s on the table or in the room
      • developing the writer or creator(s) is just as important as developing the work
      • especially during longer relationships, my focus is on developing the artist, not just the work.
  • workshops and readings: 
    • organizer, facilitator, research, conceptual and writing support
    • whether we meet for a few hours, a couple of days, weeks, or months, my focus will always be to not just develop the work, but the creator, too. My goal is to help the creator(s) develop herself.
  • script reading:
    • I will read your scripts and provide in-depth feedback, either in writing, by phone, or in person.