Teaching adults and children is a passion of mine. I have the following qualifications and experience:

  • I’m a certified teacher of English as a Second Language (TESL, UBC 2010)
  • I’m a certified Teaching Assistant (UBC, 2012) and have taught two semester-long courses of first-year level English at the University of British Columbia (2011, 2012), both entitled “Introduction to English Literature”. In the context of these courses, I taught fiction, poetry, and short fiction, including (but not limited to) works like Sherlock Holmes, The Tempest, Paradise Lost, and The Woman in White. My duties as teaching assistant included leading a weekly discussion session consisting of about 25 students, assigning and marking homework, papers, and exams, and holding office hours.
  • I spent two years working in the public school system in Germany, assisting students aged 6-14 with their general homework twice a week. My students were of diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, and their learning skills and abilities varied greatly. This circumstance frequently required my skills as mediator, and demanded great flexibility and adaptability in my approaches.